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Sanjeev Pandey Dear Visitor..! Nice to meet you! firstly thanks all of you for presence on my profile. so you want to know about me. I am Sanjeev Pandey 
" My passion for helping others through my solutions motivates me to keep going every single day- Sanjeev Pandey
" *A competent professional with more than 6months of experience in digital marketing FB ads Adwords LinkedIn ads email marketing SEO & internet marketing atl btl lead generation campaigns. Business graduate, result-focused, meticulous, and detail-oriented digital marketer. Proven track record of driving 55% of web-traffic through digital marketing campaigns. Extensive digital industry knowledge leveraged to successfully run SEO and content campaigns. Contributed to customer gain and gave the employer an unbeatable competitive advantage.

I am an experienced and well-rounded digital marketeer with a proven


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